The central part of the island is an almost uninhabitable jungle mountain, Khao Pom, peaking at 635 m. In contrast the differences in elevation are rather numerous with some reaching between 25 & 30%! With this tropical climate, trekking in the mountains on this small island can become rather strenuous and sometimes difficult.

In an effort to provide participants of all skill levels with a great hike experience, I’ve designed 6 different treks through the mountains and others along the Coast.

  • The trails in the jungle and the mountain will enable you to capture some of the most unique views of the island in a lush and preserved environment.
  • Different trails along the beach are also available depending on the tide. With great unspoilt coves and walks through the mangrove and palm groves.

YOUR DIFFERENT TREKS – Difficulty level from 1 to 4

  • Level 1 > Easy (accessible to all people in good health).
  • Level 2 > Moderate (accessible to all those in good health, who are doing some sport regularly).
  • Level 3 > Demanding (suits those that are physically active. Demanding some effort and certain endurance).
  • Level 4 > Strenuous (only suitable for people physically and psychologically prepared for highly engaging experience).


Beach Trail: The golden pagoda (trek ref: P1)

  • Total duration : 3 hours
  • Difficulty level : 1 – Easy

Beach Trail: Fisherman (trek ref: P2)

  • Total duration : 3 hours
  • Difficulty level : 1 – Easy

Mountain Trail: The orchard (trek ref: M1)

  • Total duration : 3 to 4 hours
  • Difficulty level : 3 – Demanding

Mountain Trail: Avocado trail (trek ref: M2)

  • Total duration : 4 to 5 hours
  • Difficulty level : 4 – Strenuous

Mountain Trail: Nathon trail (trek ref: M3)

  • Total duration : 4 to 5 hours
  • Difficulty level : 4 – Strenuous

Mountain Trail: The Sleeping Buddha (trek ref: M4)

    • Total duration: 2 to 3 hours
    • Difficulty level : 1 – Easy


      • Meeting points

Each trek start from a different meeting point:

  • P1 : Depart from the ‘Snake Farm’.
  • P2 : Depart from the ‘Muslim Village’.
  • M1 : Depart from Fisherman Village, Bophut, at the entrance of the Temple.
  • M2 – M3 : Depart from Maenam town.
  • M4 : Depart from ‘Magic Garden’.

Points de rendez-vous - Meeting points

Points de rendez-vous – Meeting points


      • Schedule

The treks are always in the morning, departing at 8. From March to May and during the hot season, treks start as early as 7, to avoid much of the heat and humidity.

      • Price per participant

  • 1500 THB for the trek
  • Package (2 treks of your choice): 1st trek at 1500 THB, 2nd at 1200 THB.
  • Group : from 4 participants : 5000 THB.
  • Private/Taylor Made treks : 3000 THB (2 participants minimum).

Movie about the day, refreshments and fruits are included as well as the collective taxi back to the initial meeting point.

      • Trekking gear

Comfortable walking shoes (most trails can be climbed in sneakers, but keep in mind that you are likely to encounter mud, puddles, wet and slippery rocks), hat , sun glasses, water, insect repellent and sunscreen.

      • Note

A minimum of 2 participants is necessary for the treks to go ahead and up to 12 participants maximum.

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