• How do I book a trek?

Mail : samuitrekking@gmail.com

Tel (Laurence) : + 66 873844657 (International) / 0873844657 (Thailand)

  • Is there a transfer service to my hotel included in the package?

No, each trek has a different meeting point. Please refer to the Treks section for directions. A transfer in a collective taxi is included on the way back to the initial meeting point.

  • What is the level required to join a trek?

The treks have 4 different levels, from easy to strenuous. The minimum hiking time is 3 hours. You have to like walking and don’t forget to take into consideration the heat and humidity in Samui. Please refer to the Treks section for more details.

  • Are the treks suitable for children too?

With the heat and a minimum trekking time varying between 3 and 5 hours, it is not possible for children to participate.

  • What happens if I can’t keep up with the group?

Most of the times, you will have the possibility to take a ride with the first car we pass during our trek. People here are usually very helpful, and will give you a ride to the main road.

  • What happens if I booked a trek online but need to cancel ?

You can cancel your trek over the phone : +66 873844657 (International) / 0873844657 (thailand) or send an email to Laurence. Please refer to the Contact section for details.

  • What happens if it rains, will the trek be cancelled ?

The treks can be cancelled due to bad weather conditions (heavy rain, thunderstorm). In such a case, Samuitrekking will contact you either by mail, telephone or through your hotel to set up an alternative date with you.

  • Can I book last minute over the phone?

Yes, treks can be booked up to the night before (until 8pm), subject to availability.

  • Can I book private/tailor made treks?

Yes you can, from at least 2 people, with a rate of 1900 THB per person.

  • Is any insurance provided?

Most of the times, tourists are already insured. In case you would like to contract an additional insurance, it is possible to do so.