I am Laurence your guide and trek organizer. I was born in Paris and lived there my whole life prior to moving to Koh Samui with my husband and three children. My family and I first discovered and fell in love with the island about 5 years ago. Since then we have been returning to this beautiful island every year.
Recently we made the decision to move to Koh Samui and start a new life close to nature and under the Sun!
My Husband, Eric, passionate about diving has taken on a diving centre on Koh Phangan, Franceplongée, with the opening of a new branch on Koh Tao in the coming months.
During various hikes with friends I started discovering another side of Samui. Basically Koh Samui as it used to be. Off the beaten tracks appear the most breathtaking landscapes. Scenic vistas of the island, luxuriant vegetation and an abundant wildlife. Encountering local Thais working on rubber or fruit a plantation is an experience all of its own.
This is how Samui Trekking was born, and the idea of offering a great outdoor alternative to most of the typical tourist activities. To share my knowledge of these wonderful mountains, this incredible nature, and through well-chosen/designed trekking routes that enable you to discover the most idyllic scene rise/views that Koh Samui has to offer… Away from the hustle and bustle.
I bring my view of paradise to you! Don’t forget to bring your camera!



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